The Record Magazine Issue 7 (April 2017)

07 Apr 2017

By Jamie O'Brien

The Record Magazine Issue 7. Front Cover: Feby Plando.

Welcome to Issue 07 of The Record Magazine.

In this issue, we have taken a slightly different approach, based on feedback that a number of readers have provided. With the aim of talking about the role of music across our Archdiocese, this month we are presenting articles from a more ‘human’ approach.

You will notice our front cover features Fremantle Parish Director of Music, Dominic Perrissinotto. We talked to Dominic about how music continues to shape and drive both his spiritual and professional life.

New Assistant Editor, Natashya Fernandez, speaks with Ellenbrook parishioner, Matthew Fry, who is on track to becoming a full member of the Catholic Church through the RCIA.

Our Video Journalist, Daniele Foti-Cuzzola, presents for you two very unique features, including the story of our Administration Officer, Bibiana Kwaramba and her African choir, as well as a beautiful recipe for Italian Easter Biscuits.

Finally, The Record Magazine is a magazine for the people and I hope you will enjoy taking the time to engage with us. Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas via