The Record Magazine Issue 6 (February 2017)

17 Feb 2017

By Jamie O'Brien

The Record Magazine Issue 6. Front Cover: Feby Plando.

In his recent Pastoral Letter, Archbishop Timothy Costelloe invited the Perth Catholic community to pray for the work of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Childhood Sexual Abuse, as well as for the victims, survivors and their families.

This call to prayer is extremely important in helping us all to recognise the need to come together, as children of God and to understand, as Dr Andrew Kania says on page 8 and 9, that God exists, and that He wants to be part of the life of each person that He has created.

In this sixth issue of The Record Magazine, we have profiled a number of identities from across the Perth Catholic community who have shown their dedication and commitment to the faith and the work of the Church.

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