The Record Magazine Issue 5 (December 2016)

09 Dec 2016

By Jamie O'Brien

The Record Magazine Issue 5. Front Cover: Feby Plando.

As 2016 draws to a close, I reflect with great pride on what has been a year of significant growth and change, not just for the Communications Office of the Archdiocese, but for the Archdiocese as a whole.

Change is the perfect opportunity to reflect and act to improve not just our own life, but the lives of those around us. Change can also be difficult, as we can often be resistant to new ways and methods, particularly when it comes to using technology – which means a need to learn new skills and gain greater experience.

And so while change is often inevitable, this fiftieth issue of The Record Magazine, gives an overview and account of the Perth Catholic Community, reflecting on the faith journey of numerous people and events that have all taken place and/or come about through growth and change during 2016.

In celebrating the birth of Christ this year, let us be grateful for all that we have, remembering those in prayer who perhaps have none.

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