The Record Magazine Issue 25 (September 2020)

11 Sep 2020

By Jamie O'Brien

The Record Magazine Issue 25. Image: Adobe Stock. Front Cover: Feby Plando.

In this Issue 25 of The Record Magazine, we take a look at the theme of Crises and Trauma.

We are living in an unprecented times. For some, the recent months have proven very difficult, for others, while the situation has been perhaps been challenging, it has been manageable. Nevertheless, regardless of the situation we each have faced, it is important we stay close to God to help us
continue our journey with him.

In this issue of Crises and Trauma, we speak with Yanchep parishioner Iris Geneve, who lost her home in the bushfires.

We also talk to Mirrabooka parishioner Ana O’Brien about her experience of losing a child, as well as Joy* and her experience of domestic violence.
We also profile the “Good Work” of our Catholic community and beyond, including St Pat’s Community Centre, and their Doorstop Dinners Appeal.

We also speak with St John of God Health Care Director of Emergency Medicine, Dr Jason Fitch, and his experience of working in trauma care.
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