The Record Magazine Issue 13 (June 2018)

15 Jun 2018

By Jamie O'Brien

The Record Magazine Issue 13. Front Cover: Feby Plando.

In this issue of The Record Magazine, we take a look at this concept of God, Science and the Church. In his article for this Issue, Archbishop Costelloe speaks about Psalm 8 and the question it poses, whenever the question of faith and science is raised.

We further talk about the relationship between God, Science and the Church and the statement from philosopher Professor Karl Popper who stated and claimed scientific finding, also needs to be able to be falsified, or it is not a finding at all.

We have ethicist Dan Fleming talk about the need for better ethics arguements, particularly when the stakes are so high. We also look at the importance of food, and speak to grains farmers Bob Panizza and his wife Jaqueline, while Dr Anthony Horton gives us an insight into Pope Francis’ call to focus on self-education and action in regards to climate change.

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