Podcast: Greg Sheridan – Christians ‘The Urgent Case for Jesus in our World’

20 Jan 2022

By Jamie O'Brien

Greg Sheridan Zoom Screenshot
A screenshot of Gregory Paul Sheridan AO on a Zoom Interview with The Record’s Editor Mr Jamie O’Brien.

Gregory Paul Sheridan AO is also known as Greg Sheridan has written eight books on politics, religion and international affairs and has been the foreign editor of The Australian newspaper since 1992. His latest offering titled Christians ‘The Urgent Case for Jesus in our world’ presents a strong argument for the historical reliability of the New Testament, meets the living Jesus there, explores the extraordinary personality of Paul, celebrates Mary’s activism, and examines the magnificent richness of John the Baptist.

A screenshot of The Record’s Editor Mr Jamie O’Brien as he interviews Greg Sheridan on Zoom.

Filled with insights, intelligence, warmth and humour, Greg also introduces us to a range of fascinating Christians today, among them political leaders, and young activists offering the radical Christian interpretation of love to their generation. His book explores the journey of those who have been guided by faith and examines where Jesus can be found in popular culture and talks to Christian leaders.