Plenary Council Member Profile: Catherine Nguyen

15 Apr 2021

By The Record

Meet Plenary Member Catherine Nguyen.

As part of the Catholic Education Western Australia’s (CEWA) Catechist Services team Catherine works to nurture and develop the theological and practical faith of non-Catholic school students.

Catechists share a common commitment to the catechetical ministry, seeking to bring the light of Christ that they have known into the lives of others and into the world – the passion that they have for sharing the faith with new believers and forming strong, committed Christians, personifies the great work of the Church.

Catherine said that being a Catechist is a way that she can answer Jesus’ call to believe in and proclaim the Gospel message.

“It is a deeply enriching ministry, and one that also enriches the lives of the children I teach.  I hope that I can help children to deepen and grow in their faith. My own faith journey has come alive in a way that I didn’t expect,” she added.

Catherine was one of the recipients of the 2020 Barry Hickey Biblical Scholarship, which she had originally intended to use in order to attend the University of Oxford’s Theology Summer School, studying the Gospel of Matthew from lecturer Fr Henry Wansbrough OSB, who is the General Editor of the New Jerusalem Bible.

Let’s hear Catherine Nguyen’s response to what she thinks the Holy Spirit is saying to the Church in Australia at this time.