Plenary Council Member Introduction: Sr Lucy Van Kessell PBVM

13 May 2021

By Contributor

Today we feature Plenary Member, Sr Lucy Van Kessell PBVM.

Sr Lucy is the Community Leader for the Presentation Sisters, based here in Perth, Western Australia.

After many years in Catholic education, Sr Lucy retrained in psychology to become a registered psychologist.

She has also worked in social justice for many years, including as the coordinator of ACRATH (Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans) in Western Australia for six years.

Speaking to The Record in 2015, Sr Lucy told of the repercussions of human trafficking on people.

In 2009, with the help of two sisters, she set up ACRATH in WA, Sr Lucy was at the forefront of the battle against what Pope Francis recently labelled “a shameful wound that is unworthy of civil society”.

“I believe it is absolutely vital to have a Christian organisation that works towards the elimination of human trafficking,” Sr Lucy said.

“Human trafficking is endemic; it is the third biggest money maker from crime after arms and drugs throughout the world, making approximately 32 billion dollars per year.

“The people involved are not going to let go of it easily and it is often very difficult to have law enforcement involved.

“I see my work as an essential element of my Christian life and of my commitment to creating a better world,” she added.

She has worked part-time with Ruah, a nongovernment organisation working with people who are disadvantaged.

On 1 January 2018, Sr Lucy became the congregational leader for the Presentation Sisters in Western Australia, having served on the congregation’s leadership team for 11 years.

Let’s hear Sr Lucy’s response to what she thinks the Holy Spirit is saying to the Church in Australia at this time.

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