Plethora of artistic talent from Catholic schools acknowledged at 2021 Angelico awards

25 Aug 2021

By Amanda Murthy

The wide display of talent showcased at the 28th annual primary and secondary’s 2021 Angelico art exhibition and awards ceremony held on Tuesday, 17 August at the St Georges Terrace Forrest Centre, is testament that “art is alive” in WA Catholic Schools today.

The exhibition which displayed all this year’s entries from Monday, 9 August to Friday 27 August, has this year, awarded 10 students/groups from the primary category, 14 students/groups from the secondary category and five special awards contributed by sponsors, namely the Caritas Awards, Catholic School Parents WA (CSPWA) Encouragement Award, Phil Somers Sculpture Award, Secondary Packers Prize Award, and the Forrest Centre Tenant’s Choice Award respectfully.

Catholic Arts Chair Darryl Winsor, in his welcome speech for the occasion, thanked the school representatives present for their support and contribution to the event.

Perth Auxiliary Bishop Don Sproxton officially opened and blessed the event and praised the students and their families for their support.

“We are very grateful for the work of the talented artists, for the support of their teachers and their families/carers, in their pursuit of art,” Bishop Don said.

“Art is something that is necessary in our community, and a fantastic way to represent themselves and their communities.”

Also present at the event was Catholic Education Western Australia Executive Director Dr Debra Sayce, judges, sponsor representatives and family members of the recipients.

Prendiville Catholic College Year 11 student Jemma Foley, who won the third overall prize for the secondary school category, explained her artwork of a self-portrait, citing that it was dedicated to her biggest inspiration, her brother, who passed away at a young age to cancer.

“Flowers cannot grow without light. Like flowers humans struggle without this,” Ms Foley expressed.

“When I was nine, I lost my younger brother to cancer – He was my light.

“My work is a reflection on learning how to grow without him. My heart is now exposed, but I am stronger,” Ms Foley added.

The Winners for the Angelico Exhibition include:

Primary Category:

  1. Fra Angelico Award: Sophia Camino – Year 5, St Jerome’s Primary School, Munster “Wonders of the World.”
  2. Fra Angelico highly commended: Sofia Godoy Alean, Year 5, Mother Teresa Catholic College, Baldivis “Changes.”

Years pre-primary to two

First prize two dimensional: Ryder Scaglione, Year 1, Our Lady of Grace School, North Beach “The Artist Ryder.”

Second prize two dimensional: Belle Spears, Year 1, Loreto, Nedlands “Fancy Chicken.”

Years three to six

First prize two dimensional: Alexander Cross, Year 5, Mother Theresa Catholic College, Baldivis “Sardine Soul Mates.”

Second prize two dimensional: Addison Klinck, Year 6, Mother Theresa Catholic College, Baldivis, “Happy Fella.”

First prize three dimensional: Addison Scobie, Year 6, St Jerome’s Primary School, Munster, “Cranes of Hope.”

Second prize three dimensional: Olive Hooper, Year 4, Iona Presentation College, Mosman Park, “Horsing Around.”

  • Group submission prize winner: Henry McGlue, Year 5, Loreto, Nedlands, “Moonlight.”
  • Forrest Chase Tenant’s Choice Award Winner (Primary): Sofia Godoy Alean, Year 5, Mother Theresa Catholic College, Baldivis, “Changes.”

Secondary Category:

  1. Fra Angelico Award: Laura Bonney, Year 11, St Clare’s School, “Honey Ant Dreaming.”
  2. Fra Angelico highly commended:Elizabeth Davey, Year 11, Iona Presentation College, Mosman Park, “Grace,” and Natalie Loach, Year 11, Santa Maria College, Attadale, “The Way, The Truth, The Life.”

Years seven, eight, nine and 10

First prize two dimensional: Amy Oaten, Year 10, Santa Maria College, Attadale, “Untitled.”

First prize three dimensional: Charlotte Laurent, Year 9, Newman College Churchlands, “Whimsical Mushroom.”

Second prize overall: Elina Tahirova, Year 10, Seaton Catholic College, Samson, “My Cat.”

Third prize overall: Jye Wearing, Year 8, Mandurah Catholic College, Mandurah, “Bambi.”

Group submission prize winner: Year 9, Mandurah Catholic College, Mandurah, “Last Supper.”

Highly commended: Hamziah George, Year 7, Christ the King, Djarindjin Lombadina, “Spearing from the Rocks.”

Year 11 and 12

First prize two dimensional: Felicia Huang, Year 12, Chisholm Catholic College, Bedford, “The Model Minority.”

First prize three dimensional: Therese Doan,Year 12, Chisholm Catholic College, Bedford, “Fast Fashion.”

First prize drawing: Hugo Pollard, Year 12, Christian Brothers College, Fremantle, “Ashtray.”

Second prize overall: Samantha Lings, Year 12, Corpus Christi College, Bateman, “Stella my Great Grandmother.”

Third prize overall: Jemma Foley, Year 11, Prendiville Catholic College, Ocean Reef, “Sunshine.”

Highly commended: Eliza Von Perger, Year 12, Newman College, Churchlands, “Growing up,” Rory Charles, Year 12, Newman College, Churchlands, “Growing Up,” and Marc Luis Aquino, Year 12, St Mary MacKillop College, Busselton, “Covidography.”

Caritas Award: Ellyssah Summers-Mack, Year 12, La Salle College, Middle Swan “Dichotomy.”

Catholic School Parents Western Australia – Encouragement Award: Amy Oaten, Year 10, Santa Maria College, Attadale, “Untitled.”

Phil Somers Sculpture Award: Cate Williamson, Year 11, St Mary MacKillop College, Busselton, “A Perfect World.”

Secondary Packers Prize Award: Tran Nguyen, Year 12, Chisholm College, Bedford, “MANimal.”

Forrest Centre Tenant’s Choice Award: Michela De Boni, Year 10, Corpus Christi College, Bateman, “Study of Timothy.”