Identitywa awards night celebrates staff’s achievement

14 Jan 2021

By Contributor

Jenny Scott and her team at the Identitywa 2020 Employee Recognition Award Ceremony. Photo: Supplied.
Jenny Scott and her team were delighted to receive Identitywa 2020 Employee Recognition Award. Photo: Supplied.

Identitywa has last year announced their 2020 Employee Recognition Awards and presented Years of Service Awards on Friday 20 November, acknowledging the many achievements of staff during “what has been a challenging time”.

The annual awards ceremony was smaller in gathering size to follow Coronavirus-led restrictions, but one could feel the emotion and pride from recipients and their colleagues.

Identitywa Board Chair Graeme Mander and Chief Executive Officer Marina Re recognised the staff’s accomplishments in the past year.

“We extend our sincere gratitude for the commitment and dedication of the nominees who were nominated by their families and their co-workers,” Mr Mander said.

“The Board is very proud that throughout the year, the dedication of our staff and their commitment to the people we support, despite the challenges that COVID-19 restrictions, was consistent.”

Ms Marina Re thanked all for attending and was very pleased that Identitywa was still able to host the awards and celebrate the staff’s achievements.

“It was wonderful to hear the reasons behind people’s nominations as they received their awards,” Ms Marina Re said.

“The nomination of Jenny Scott was incredibly moving. We heard that her leadership and team’s support have been life-changing for one of the women living in the shared house where Jenny is currently House Senior.

Jenny Scott and Identitywa Board Chair Graeme Mander. Photo: Supplied.

“Jenny, in collaboration with the person’s family and speech therapist, developed a communication strategy to enhance her communications skills,” Ms Marina Re explained.

“Jenny ensured that staff closely followed the strategy with the result being that she has spoken one/two-word phrases over the past six months – after not speaking for 39 years!

“Just an amazing outcome,” she added.

When asked what motivated her, Ms Scott explained that she found it incredibly rewarding and satisfying to see people achieve their life goals.

“My inspiration every day I work is the people I support. Their friendship and trust are significant to me, and they are like family to me.

“I have to say, though, that it is a team effort. The amazing support and commitment of the people I work with make all the difference. We are all so happy to have received the Team Award from Identitywa, recognising all our achievements,” Ms Scott said.

Ms Scott and her team delighted to be receiving their award.

Identitywa 2020 Employee Recognition Award winners:

Support workers:

Danielle Guildea, Maya Ha, Lauren Henry, Dayne Metzner,

Tammy Whelan, Jenny Scott and Lily Sobieralski

  • Team Leader: Noelle Ward
  • House Teams: Merian
  • Administration: Sandy Kaur
  • Administration Team: Northbridge Office

Identitywa Years of Service recipients were:

10 years of continuous service:

  • Judith Ellis
  • Danielle Guildea
  • Khalid Hassan
  • Jo-Anne Lock
  • Karen McLellan
  • Britta Meyer
  • Sandy Ochieng

20 years of continuous service:

  • Patricia Johnson
  • Kelly Oram
  • Joanna Weare