Willetton’s food festival proves a hit with crowds

03 Dec 2008

By The Record

Gathering shows what stewardship can achieve at parish level.                                                                

Anticipation: Parishioners and others line up to tase the culinary wizardry of Willetton parishioners whose creative cooking attracted an estimated 2000 people to their parish food festival.






















By Mark Reidy
The delicious aromas of international cuisine drew over 2000 people to Sts John and Paul parish in Willetton on November 23. The Multicultural Food Festival has been a regular event since 1985 and is now one of the most popular events on the parish calendar.
A dedicated committee, under the guidance of Lilian Kee, began work on this year’s project in June and where delighted with the enthusiastic response of local parishioners, as well as the many who came from all over Perth, to sample the culinary delights of South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Italy and even the traditional Australian BBQ.
Parishioner Andre Sequeira, who assisted with food for the Indian stall, accredited the success of the evening to the parish’s focus on the principles of Stewardship over the previous 12 months.
“We have learnt to be grateful for the time, talent and treasure that we have been gifted by God”, he said, adding that the application of these gifts was pivotal to the popularity of this year’s event.
Mr Sequeira said that the Food Festival was the culmination of the time given by the dedicated committee, the culinary talents of many parishioners who provided the smorgasbord of international dishes and desserts – as well as music and entertainment – the generosity of those who donated funds for supplies and raffle prizes, and the foundation of prayer that underpinned all these gifts.
Another parishioner commented that the festival was a wonderful opportunity to share and appreciate the truly multicultural aspects of the parish and at the same time have someone else cook you a delicious meal. Judging by the contented smiles and numerous take-away containers that people carried with them at the end of the evening, it is an event that many will be looking forward to in the future.