Visiting expert on Ratzinger will open year for Murdoch chaplains

12 Mar 2009

By The Record

ONE of the world’s leading experts on the thinking and theology of Pope Benedict XVI will speak at Murdoch University on March 24.


Dr Tracey Rowland, whose book Ratzinger’s Faith has become something of a best seller in academic circles, will kick off the academic year for Murdoch University’s chaplains.
Dr Rowland is also the Dean of the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family in Melbourne.
She was invited to speak by the university’s Catholic Students Society and its chaplain Fr Joseph Cardoso OCD.
Fr Cardoso said that he had picked up a copy of Dr Rowland’s book on Pope Benedict’s thought and the first chapter alone had inspired him to invite her to speak to Murdoch’s community and his fellow chaplains.
Published in 2008 by Oxford University Press, Ratzinger’s Faith has won widespread critical acclaim for its summary of the intellectual influences which have shaped the world’s best-known theologian.
In the process Dr Rowland has cemented a reputation as a razor-sharp and highly perceptive analyst of contemporary cultural and theological trends, and as a thinker in relation to the Church in the modern world, including the Second Vatican Council.
Her lunchtime talk will be open to the public. For further information, contact Fr Joseph Cardoso on 0403 303 667, Nicole on 0432 093 662 or Joel on 0450 903 606.