Upcoming national symposium to address poverty, modern slavery, homelessness and more

13 May 2021

By Amanda Murthy

CSSWA Symposium 2021 Trailer.

In less than two months, the Perth and online community will be able to partake in

Walking with His people, a symposium organised by Catholic Social Services Western Australia to address some pressing issues that continue to affect the community.

Scheduled for Friday 9 July 2021 at Tannock Hall of Education, the University of Notre Dame in Fremantle, the first-of-a-two-day symposium will be available to those unable to attend, via Zoom.

The topics will address issues affecting the community including the issue of homelessness, migrants, poverty and Modern Slavery – with input from CSSWA’s Director Steve McDermott, Western Australian Catholic Migrant and Refugee Office Director Deacon Greg Lowe, Australian Labour Party Senator for WA Patrick Dodson, UNDA Vice Chancellor Professor Francis Campbell, UNDA Senior Lecturer Politics and International Relations Dr Martin Drum, Archdiocese of Perth Manager Governance and Corporate Services Julie Fuge, St Patricks Community Centre CEO Michael Piu and from Kimberley’s Centacare Employment & Training CEO Michael King and Reintegration Team Leader Henry Williams.

Dr Drum and his team will deliver a brief talk on UNDA recent research in these areas and will form a panel that will also include Chief Executive Officers who are doing work in the homelessness sector.

A special focus on some of the successful programs that are delivered to Aboriginal people in the Kimberley and the regions. Mr King will be giving a brief talk on the social services offered to the people of Kimberley. There will be a Q & A discussion on welfare delivery in times of pandemic.

The July symposium will also focus on Modern Day Slavery and how we can eradicate this pernicious evil from Catholic supply chains – the crisis of poverty, homelessness and migrants in Western Australia and look at the increasing incidence of homelessness in women over the age of 55 in WA.

CSSWA Chairperson and Vicar for Social Outreach, Dr Terry Wilson, said the theme for the symposium, which mirrors the theme of the on-going Archdiocese Plan (2016-2021) serves as a reminder hopeful reminder to “walk together on the pathway which we hope will deliver a Christ-centred, faithful, vibrant, welcoming, inclusive and mission-oriented Church, one which will enrich our own lives and the lives of all whom we encounter and seek to serve.”

“…In their on-going work, our Archdiocesan Social Outreach agencies, remind us powerfully that simply believing that Jesus existed is not faith. Doing something in response to that belief is faith.”

Registration is open until 14 June. To register and for more information, go to: https://walking-with-his-people.heysummit.com/