True Love Waits expands in schools

12 Mar 2009

By The Record

A life changed now helps change others.                             


Julie Anne Domingo (right) with outgoing leader Stephen Gorddard (to her right) at a TLW open session with team members Oliver Brandis and Marianne Deliu. Photo: Courtesy TLW


By Julie Anne Domingo

Under new leadership, Perth group True Love Waits (TLW) can expect exciting things in the year ahead as it continues to build on a great foundation.
On top of existing open sessions and the ongoing success of the Created and Redeemed seminar series at St Thomas the Apostle parish in Claremont, TLW plans to be more involved with schools and parishes with new resources for both parents and teachers.
In addition, TLW will be broadening how it engages the wider community of young people through new media.
True Love Waits is a group of young people, part of a movement across the world, that is responding to the growing decline in sexual morality. TLW aims to promote the virtue of chastity and saving sex for marriage, in order for young people to experience the peace and happiness God desires for all our lives before marriage and within it too. It does this through ongoing monthly seminars relating to chastity, where a loose community of young people enjoys the fellowship and support of each other.
We have had many open sessions in the past, including both informative and practical topics. These include Theology of the Body, Chastity and the Bible, Masculinity, Femininity, A Question of Modesty, The Problem of Pornography, mock debates on The Morality of Flirting, The One and many more.
Personally, True Love Waits has changed my life. There was a time where I didn’t understand what the Church taught in the area of sexuality, and indeed it did seem like a confusing set of laws to rule my life. Some time ago a friend invited me along to a special pledge ceremony held by TLW, I wasn’t sure about what to expect, but I went anyway and there I finally realised the truth and beauty of chastity.
It was a defining moment in my life.When I signed that pledge card, making the promise that I would save sex for marriage, it has changed my life for the better.
I am so happy, excited, content and at peace to live out God’s will and plan for me. I am now so eager to see what God has in store for me and for my future spouse. Chastity is God’s plan for everyone, single, married and Religious. It is a life lived with no regrets.
This year sees a shift in leadership with long-term leader Stephen Gorddard beginning seminary studies. I am absolutely thrilled to be leading this group. The idea of being able to give others the experience of what I encountered is a great gift and grace from God.
Our next open session is about Natural Family Planning and Maria Antoniazzi from Natural Fertility Services is going to present the talk about NFP, a natural way of recognising a couples fertility by learning to identify the fertile phase of a woman’s body.
With much experience speaking to couples, Maria will enlighten us that this is not just a dependable, clinical tool for achieving or avoiding a pregnancy, but a lifestyle and approach which better expresses the authentic love of Christ.
Why not join us and see for yourself on Monday March 30 at 7.30pm at the Catholic Pastoral Centre in Highgate.
For further details contact Julie Anne on 0438 447 708 or