The Year of St Paul: Plenary indulgence for YOU

11 Jun 2008

By The Record

To mark the occasion of the special Pauline Year Archbishop Barry Hickey has issued a Pastoral Letter.

My dear people,
Our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI has decreed the observance of a Pauline Year to commemorate two thousand years since the birth of St Paul.  The Jubilee year will commence on June 28, 2008 and conclude on June 29, 2009.
The principal liturgical focus will be on the Basilica of St Paul in Rome.  This Roman Basilica has a local connection, in that the great missionary and evangeliser, Bishop Salvado, died at the Monastery of the Basilica on 29 December 1900.
Pope Benedict is encouraging observance of the Pauline Year in local churches.
Those not in Rome can gain a Plenary Indulgence on the commencement and conclusion dates if they devotedly participate in a religious function or pious exercise held publicly in honour of St Paul on June 29, 2008 and on June 28, 2009.
In addition, for the Archdiocese, I designate the following churches and additional days for the Plenary Indulgence to be gained on June 29 2008, January 25, 2009 and June 28, 2009.

• St Paul’s Church
104 Rookwood St, Mt Lawley
• Sts Peter and Paul Church, Redemptorist Monastery, Vincent St, North Perth
• St Joachim’s Pro-Cathedral, Shepperton Road, Victoria Park
• St Simon Peter Church, Prendiville Ave, Ocean Reef
• Basilica of St Patrick, Adelaide St, Fremantle
• St Jerome’s Church, cnr Rockingham Rd and Troode St, Munster
• St Joseph’s Church, cnr Gordon & Wellington Sts, Northam
• St Mary’s Church, cnr Brockman & Porter Sts, Kalgoorlie

The sick and those unable to leave their homes may gain the indulgence if they spiritually unite themselves to a Jubilee celebration in honour of St Paul, offering their prayers and suffering to God for the Unity of Christians.
The usual conditions for obtaining a Plenary Indulgence apply.  They are:
1. Praying the Lord’s Prayer and the Creed, cleansed by the Sacrament of Penance and nourished by Holy Communion.
2. Prayers for the intentions of the Holy Father. 
A Plenary Indulgence may be gained once per day and may be applied to self or the deceased.
All Christ’s Faithful may see the observance of the Pauline Year as an opportunity to pray, study and meditate on the life and teachings of St Paul especially by pious and reflective reading of the Acts of the Apostles and the Pauline Letters of the New Testament.
The priests of the designated churches have been requested to offer special prayers and devotions in honour of St Paul and to have times for the celebration of the Sacrament of Penance on the additional days when the Plenary Indulgence may be obtained.
May the observance of the Pauline Year lead to a greater appreciation of St Paul and to the unity of Christians.


St Paul the Apostle mosaic