The Record takes home best enewsletter, best website at ARPA awards

05 Nov 2020

By Jamie O'Brien

The Archdiocese of Perth Communications Office team, from left: Max Hoh, Amanda Murthy, Feby Plando, Matthew Lau, Bibiana Kwaramba, Jamie O’Brien, Eric Martin, and Theresia Titus. Photo: The Record.
The Archdiocesan Communications Office team in 2020. Photo: Archdiocese of Perth/Max Hoh/Jamie O’Brien.

The Record has picked up several awards at the 2020 Australian Religious Press Awards.

The Record, which is produced by the Archdiocesan Communications Office, was this year awarded Gold in the Best Website (The Record) and Best eNewsletter (The eRecord) categories, as well as Silver for Best Design Magazine (The Record Magazine), and Bronze for Best Original Illustration (The Record Magazine).

The awards were this year held online, with the Annual Conference cancelled in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was due to be held in Perth.

In awarding The eRecord for Best eNewsletter, the judges commented that the three issues submitted reflected very effectively and in a timely manner, the events and people of the Archdiocese and the wider issues of the church.

“Excellent use of photographs along with quality writing and the occasional well produced video,” the judges commented.

In awarding Gold to The Record for best website, the judges noted their immediate engagement and readiness to read.

“The navigation bar is simple and comprehensive. Social media links are also made overt. The latest news is actual news – George Pell talking about his time in jail.

“Being able to immediately change the text size is a fantastic innovation, especially for older readers. There is plenty of engaging content which is targeted to its audience. A strong effort. A clear winner,” the comments noted.

The Best Original Illustration award was based on Production Officer Feby Plando’s design of the front cover of Issue 19 of The Record Magazine, which focussed on the issue of Effective Communication.

Communications Manager Jamie O’Brien thanked staff for their collaborative work in receiving these awards.

“We are honored to do what we do and are grateful for the support of our fellow Archdiocesan leaders and colleagues,” Mr O’Brien said.

“The work of communications is never ending. We pray that God will continue to bless us and help us in all we do; because it is all his work in the end.”

“Thank you also to ARPA President Sophia Sinclair and we look forward to welcoming ARPA members to Perth next year,” Mr O’Brien concluded.

The 2021 Conference is currently scheduled to be held in Perth.

The Record has previously won the Gutenberg Award in 2017.