Shock! Horror! Chastity by CHOICE?

11 Jun 2008

By The Record

Women’s and men’s magazines would be scandalised. To save love for marriage requires true courage, considering the way the media bombards us with the opposite message. But meet two people who have done just that…

When you truly love each other you realize that having sex outside marriage is not a loving thing to do because you risk putting the other through emotional or spiritual hurt.
This statement, made with firm conviction by young married couple Christine and Jason Giuffre, sums up the attitude that made their decision to wait until marriage a joy.  “Our relationship is so much more full because we strived and continue to strive to love each other selflessly,” said Christine, a 27-year old pharmacist.
For public servant Jason, 32, chastity by choice made their 20-month courtship and engagement a time of “peace and joy” when they were more appreciative of each other as “marvels of God’s creation and not objects that can be used for personal gratification.”
Their discovery of the joys of chastity began before they met, when they were introduced to True Love Waits, a movement of young people who promote chastity and saving the gift of sex for marriage.
Both became team members of “TLW Catholic WA” in 2004, helping to organise and deliver TLW ‘open sessions’, presentations to school and church groups.
Said Christine: “Being surrounded by many inspiring young Catholics committed to chastity and selfless love made me realise ‘waiting until marriage’, although sometimes difficult, was entirely possible.
Jason’s decision to wait stemmed from values he was brought up with, and being surrounded by like-minded people who helped him to live that decision.
“Being TLW team members meant we had nothing but support in upholding these values. We all became great friends who grew together in faith, and supported each other through prayer, companionship and abundant filial love. We have and still do share so much joy and laughter with the special friends we made through TLW,” he said. “TLW taught us so much: what authentic love really is, how sexuality is such a beautiful gift and how it reflects the love of Christ.
“We didn’t want to use our own or each other’s bodies for pleasure alone. Rather, we wanted to use our bodies to lead each other to God.”
After two years, their friendship blossomed into love “almost overnight”. During their engagement they were always pleasantly surprised by the reaction of those who learnt they were waiting till marriage.
Said Christine: “Most people were initially in utter disbelief  – which was sometimes quite funny –  but all showed great respect and admiration for our commitment.”
The couple married 18 months ago and embraced the Creighton Model of NFP they had learnt together during their engagement.
They are now proud parents of five-month old Jacinta and credit Natural Family Planning with fostering “communication and other expressions of intimacy” in their marriage.


Christine and Jason Giuffre