Record writers lead women’s national conference

12 Mar 2009

By The Record

Landmark national conference for young Catholic women to land in May.


Choicez Media co-founder Karen Doyle (pictured) will join occasional Record writers Anna Krohn, Melinda Tankard Reist and Bernadette Black at the annual Sisterhood Conference.


Responding to a strong need for deeper formation and pastoral support for Australian Catholic women, a new and rapidly growing women’s movement, Sisterhood, is preparing to host its first national conference at Collaroy Beach in Sydney in May.
The inaugural event lists speakers such as author and director of Choicez Media Karen Doyle whose recent books on The Theology of the Body and The Genius of Womanhood have secured major US distribution; Francine Pirola, co-director of Living Well Media and co-author of numerous Catholic relationship training programs, Anna Krohn from Melbourne’s John Paul II Institute and Bernadette Black, author and professional speaker.
Conference co-convenor Lidia Galea says that the vision of Sisterhood is to support, equip and inspire young Catholic women so they can return and continue to make a valuable contribution to their existing places of service.
“The national Conference is simply a chance to hear some of the most dynamic Catholic women in the country share their passion and enthusiasm for the faith and the action of God in their lives. It is a chance to be educated, empowered and encouraged in one of Australia’s best conference venues,” she said.
Sisterhood emerged from within the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn but is based upon a simple model applicable to any location. Women meet in single or married groupings weekly basis and work through provided content with time for discussion.
The regular meetings allow a chance to explore Catholic teaching in more depth including John Paul II’s philosophical anthropology of what he termed, “the feminine genius.” Then on the first Wednesday of each month all of the groups come together for a social evening.
A particular focus is helping young Catholic women engage with the riches of their faith and to help them stay connected to other women who can support and mentor them in the crucial transition years after High School.

Sisterhood will be held in Sydney, May 29 – 31. For more information see