PROJECT COMPASSION 2023: Laxmi now excelling in education, dreams of becoming a civil engineer

30 Mar 2023

By The Record

Throughout Lent, Caritas Australia’s Project Compassion, has attempted to draw attention to many important issues in our world. We have been invited to take up the cross and follow Jesus in our own time. 

Over the last few weeks, Caritas Australia have shared some of the stories of people whose lives have been transformed thanks to your support of Caritas Australia’s Project Compassion.

Sixteen-year-old Laxmi lives in one of the most remote communities in Nepal, which experiences high levels of poverty. 

Laxmi’s chance at a better life was through education, supported by her parents. Sadly, her father passed away when she was only 10 years old and she stopped going to school.

Prior to her father’s passing, Laxmi joined a child’s club at her school, which is run with the support of Caritas Nepal, through the Nepal Livelihoods and Resilience Program. Child’s clubs support students to develop their speaking, writing and leadership skills through extracurricular activities.

Laxmi (16) and her mother Mankala (52) walk to work in their fields close to their home in Jajarkot district, western Nepal. Photo: Richard Wainwright/Caritas Australia.

Thanks to the support of her child’s club, Laxmi was encouraged to resume her education. She became an active member and developed the skills and confidence to become a leader, advocating for clean water taps at her school.

Laxmi is now excelling in her studies and working towards her dream of becoming a civil engineer. She has become a mentor to other girls in her village, encouraging them to stand up for their rights and creating lasting change For All Future Generations. 

During Lent, we are invited to take up the call to fast, pray and give alms. The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the many crises that have struck the world over the past 12 months mean that many communities are in great need of your support. 

Supporting Project Compassion is a way for us to proclaim the faith that is in our hearts and help our sisters and brothers in need. Your gift will help uplift the most marginalised and vulnerable members of society.

Laxmi (16) facilitating a wall magazine poster making session with Child Club members at her old school in Jajarkot district, western Nepal. Photo: Richard Wainwright/Caritas Australia.

Schools and parishes can join Caritas Q&As to interact online with our staff, partners and program participants, or download resources to learn about Caritas Australia’s work and Mission. There are also resources for how to set up a local fundraiser for Project Compassion. This year, there are accessible audio-narrated and audio-described videos for schools for each of the stories, as well as a wealth of other resources for the classroom and parish communities.

To learn more or donate to Project Compassion, visit Caritas Australia’s website: or call 1800 024 413.