Philanthropy nets two scholarships for student

18 Feb 2009

By The Record

Fourth year Laws/Commerce student, Neal Kok, is the recipient of two major scholarships awarded by The University of Notre Dame Australia’s Fremantle campus.

Neal Kok

Mr Kok has received the John O’Halloran Scholarship from the School of Law and the Mannkal Scholarship from the School of Business.
Dean of Business, Associate Professor Sonja Bogunovich, said the Mr Kok is an exceptional student.
“Neal is a quiet achiever who appears to have found just the right balance between his interests and academia. He is a wonderful ambassador for the School of Business and a most worthy recipient of the Mannkal Scholarship,” Prof. Bogunovich said. 
“The School of Business is very grateful for the support of the Mannkal Economic Education Foundation, founded by Perth businessman, Ron Manners.”
As a condition of the scholarship, Mr Kok will be required to undertake a Directed Business Project, conducting economic research in the area of free-market or libertarian concepts, investigating and reporting on how these concepts relate to business and industry.
The John O’Halloran Scholarship provides financial support for a full-time law student who not only is academically outstanding but who also demonstrates a commitment to the wider community.
Dean of the School of Law, Associate Professor Jane Power, said that it was an outstanding achievement for a student to receive two scholarships such as these, based not only on excellent academic results but their commitment to social justice and other community interests.
“Notre Dame has strongly encouraged the act of philanthropy since its beginning,” Prof. Power told The Record. 
“Not only do students benefit greatly from these generous acts by organisations and individuals but we believe that the wider community also benefits from their success.”
Mr Kok said that he was extremely grateful for the generosity offered by the scholarships, adding that it will make life much easier for him.
“I feel very privileged to receive these honours,” he said. 
“I also have a real sense of relief and gratitude, as I have encountered a number of difficulties over the past five years in pursuit of my higher education goals, and this award will make it much easier for me to complete my degree. It will also make a significant difference to my family.
“We all would like to express our sincere appreciation to the O’Halloran family and to the Mannkal Economic Education Foundation,” said Mr Kok.