Parishes up giving to Church’s global mission

28 Jan 2009

By The Record

Catholics of the Archdiocese of Perth swung behind the Church’s annual appeal to support missionaries around the world.
Forty-five Perth parishes have increased the amount they donated to the archdiocesan Catholic Mission appeal from the previous year.
A total of $379,462.50 (see table at right) was raised from Propagation of the Faith and World Mission Sunday appeals held in almost every parish of the Archdiocese of Perth throughout the year.
“On behalf of all our overseas missionaries throughout the world, and the people they live with and serve, we offer our heart-felt thanks and blessings,” said Perth Catholic Mission office director Francis Leong.
As a result of the parish appeals and the inspiration offered by the various mission appeal speakers, his office received 31 calls during the year from parishioners interested in overseas missionary experience. 
“This level of interest seems to be on the increase with each passing year and is indicative of the growing need and yearning amongst parishioners both young and old to answer our baptismal call to Mission,” he said. 
The stories of Perth parishioners who have returned from such experience can be found on our recently established blogsite: