Parishes: get fired up about WYD Cross & Icon

18 Mar 2008

By The Record

By Sylvia Defendi
Parishioners and priests from around the Archdiocese have been urged to make the arrival of the World Youth Day Cross and Icon a major focus of their parish at the official launch at Sacred Heart parish church in Highgate.

Australians Joshua Gallagher, 15, and Carly Forsyth, 16, sing aboard the HMAS Broome as the World Youth Day cross is taken out to the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Cairns in September last year. Photo: CNS


Matthew Hodgson, coordinator for the Journey of the Cross and Icon for Perth, Matthew Hodgson said the Cross and Icon brought life to WYD as it represented Pope John Paul II’s gift to the youth of the world.
The Cross and Icon will visit the state of WA twice, from May 21 to 26 and then again from June 4 to 9.
Thirty three hosts, including parishes, community groups and schools, have been chosen to welcome the Cross and Icon to the state with a multitude of planned events for each day of the journey through WA.
“But there is no reason why all can’t be involved and experience the power of these two symbols,” Mr Hodgson said.
“We would like parishes, who are not as yet involved, to contribute to the events being planned by a near-by host as well as to those events that are being planned for the archdiocese as a whole,” he added.
Asked what the main priorities for the up-coming events were, Mr Hodgson responded “attendance and awareness of the events in nearby areas.”
According to Mr Hodgson, the next step for surrounding parishes or schools would be to assist in organizing local events.
“There is much still being prepared and it is never too late to help,” he said, adding that he encouraged all to use their skills to assist fellow parishioners or neighboring host parishes with their events.
“The catholic community comes form all walks of life, so there are many skills to be found.” Mr Hodgson said and invited in particular all those who felt WYD was not for them to contribute and be part of this international youth event.
“When people work together it breaks down whatever barriers exist. People will pull together despite not knowing those from a different parish or school,” he said.
In fact, Mr Hodgson said some of the better-planned events have come from the combination of a parish and school community, such as those forged between Rockingham parish and Kolbe Catholic College; Lesmurdie parish and Mazenod College or even St Partick’s Basilica, CBC Fremantle and Notre Dame University.
For more information, or to register your interest in helping the journey of the WYD Cross and Icon, contact the WYD office on: 9422 7944, or email:

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