Northern parishes to present The Three Marys

27 May 2009

By The Record

The Three Marys play to evangelise Perth’s faithful, by the faithful.

People from the three northern parishes of Ocean Reef, Whitford and Wanneroo are combining to present a three-act play called The Three Marys – the Virgin Mary, Mary of Bethany and Mary Magdalene.
It is the third biblical drama written by Gerald Searle and performed by the St Simon Peter Players (Ocean Reef) with support from the other parishes.
Each play has involved more than 100 people as cast and crew, and the two earlier ones attracted crowds of more than 1000, including Archbishop Hickey and Bishop Sproxton.
The latest production will open in the state-of-the-art Prendiville Performing Arts Centre at Prendiville College on the corner of Marmion and Prendiville Avenues in Ocean Reef on Friday June 19, followed by afternoon and evening performances at 2.30 and 8pm on Saturday, June 20.
Mr Searle said he was inspired to write The Three Marys because of the enthusiastic support of women for the two previous plays in which they were necessarily limited to supporting roles.
Those plays were No Greater Love, about the trial and death of Jesus, and Let the Children Be, about His special relationship with children. Both plays were also performed in Broome when Mr Searle was living there.
A strong feature of the plays presented in Ocean Reef has been the original songs and music by the St Simon Peter music group InSpiritus, directed by Thierry Venaille and Fran Beale. This year’s music is expected to be at least as popular.
The Three Marys has been in preparation for nearly 12 months, once again under the direction of June Allen. It has added greatly to the community life of the parishes involved. 
Tickets are $15 and $8 concession for evenings and $10 and $8 for the matinee, with a $25 family ticket for the matinee.
They are available from the St Simon Peter parish office 9am-to 12noon or from Gerald Searle on 9404 7292.