New rector for St Charles Seminary

17 Sep 2008

By The Record

By Anthony Barich
The long-time rector of St Thomas More College, Fr Kevin Long, has been appointed rector of St Charles Seminary in Guildford for a six-year term.

He will take over next Easter from Fr Don Hughes OMI, whose three-year term as rector is coming to a close.
Fr Long, 54, has been rector of St Thomas More College in Crawley, adjacent to the University of WA, for eight years and has taught St Charles Seminary students since the University of Notre Dame Australia’s Fremantle campus was founded through an Act of Parliament in December 1989.
He has also taught Redemptoris Mater Seminary students since that missionary seminary of the Neocatechumenal Way was established in 1994 as they did their studies at UNDA also.
“I teach mostly Church history, which I love, and I am looking forward to moving to the seminary,” Fr Long told The Record.An intellectual, Fr Long has a MPhil from Dublin, a PhD from UWA and a BTheol from Melbourne.
Archbishop Barry Hickey said Fr Long brings to the role his leadership qualities, his love of the priesthood, his belief in the value of study and good liturgical preparation for aspiring candidates for the priesthood, a deep spirituality and an “in the deep end” experience of young university students. The Archbishop said that as an ex-Carolingian, Fr Hughes has good memories and a love for the seminary, which has been evident over his three years there as rector, “despite some very difficult problems he has had to face”. “We wish him a good rest after he leaves and God’s blessings on his future ministry,” Archbishop Hickey said.