New Cathedral emerges

18 Dec 2008

By therecord

The new and improved St Mary’s Cathedral will accomodate more people, granting them better vision of the liturgy. The extent of the enlargement can be judged from this picture (right). It is repeated on the other side of the building. Underneath are new parish meeting rooms and other facilities.
Below left, a ground-level view shows the spacious new interior.
Top right shows a side view from the front, while bottom right shows how the new view will look above the gates where Victoria Ave joins Victoria Square.
The completed cathedral was designed by architect
Peter Quinn, who continues to supervise.



Coming around: A wide-angle lens shows where the new section on the right will be attached to the old. The lens also creates the illusion of the building leaning.
Nearly there: A glimpse of the new centre of the cathedral (left) and part of the spacious new area that will appear on both sides.

Taking shape: It still looks like a jumble, but internally the cathedral is taking shape. Above, construction workers inspect the cathedral’s centrepiece where the altar will eventually be placed.