Morley parish excels in Safeguarding

12 Oct 2023

By The Record

Morley Parish Safeguarding
Morley Parish Priest Fr Greg Burke OCD, front row second from right, with Acting Safeguarding Director Barbara Blayney, third from left, Program Co-ordinator Thomas Law, second row first from right, and Morley Parish Safeguarding team. Photo: Supplied.

The Archdiocesan Safeguarding Program Team have recently visited Morley Parish Infant Jesus Church on Sunday 1 October to present the inaugural Safeguarding Activities Assessment Tool (SAAT) Certificate of Excellence Award.

An initiative of Safeguarding Program Co-ordinator Thomas Law, the award recognises the exceptional collective efforts of Parish Priest Fr Greg Burke OCD and the Safeguarding Officers at Morley Parish in safeguarding the catholic community.

Acting Safeguarding Director Barbara Blayney said the parish has worked hard to achieve an outstanding implementation of the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards. 

“The SAAT award highlights the dedicated work of the parish in applying safeguarding strategies and initiatives and being proactive in improving knowledge and understanding of the collective responsibility of safeguarding within the parish,” Ms Blayney said.

“Not only did this parish complete the 2022 SAAT in a timely manner, but they have been proactive in identifying gaps or areas for improvement through a comprehensive Standards Action Plan which they have built from the SAAT.

“It shows a dedication to continually improve and enhance an already great foundation,” she said.

Ms Blayney continued by saying that it was a privilege to be able to applaud such open dedication to raising awareness and witnessing how the safeguarding officers at Morley have worked so well together to create a place of safety and one that is open to new ideas and is so welcoming,” said Barbara Blayney, Safeguarding Director.

Fr Greg Burke also thanked the broader parish community for being part of the continued journey of safeguarding, saying “You are all to thank for what we have created here.”.

“It is a way of recognising often the ‘unseen gestures’ of hard work and commitment to creating and maintaining a safe church,” Fr Greg continued.

Ms Blayney concluded that the Safeguarding Program Office acknowledges all parishes across the Archdiocese that have completed the SAAT. 

“It demonstrates the cumulative efforts and commitment of many within our church community that truly shows when we come together to further the common good, we can indeed flourish,” she said.