Meet the pillar of The Record… in Narrogin

19 Feb 2009

By The Record

Bruno Lanciamo shows how it’s done when it comes to promoting The Record in his parish.

Paper! A happy customer parts with two dollars for her weekly dose of Catholic news from the parish, the nation and the world, presented to her by Record stalwart Bruno Lanciamo.




























Meet Record seller, Bruno Lanciamo of St Matthew’s Parish, Narrogin.
Bruno has made selling The Record his personal vocation in the parish of St Matthew’s Narrogin.
In a role he has undertaken for over twenty years, Bruno proudly notes that the only time The Record is not sold out is when he is on holidays.
Bruno’s background is far more exotic than his role as super-salesman in Narrogin might indicate.
His father was a politician in Italy, imprisoned by the fascists during World War Two, leaving his mother alone to support Bruno and his young brothers.
Although Bruno grew up in Boidolato CZ, he left for Australia from Zurich in Switzerland.
Before leaving in 1965, he married Nicolina and they arrived in Narrogin in 1967. He found work immediately on the railways and has since also worked as a builder.
Bruno and Nicolina’s daughter, Assunta, lives in Perth with her husband Ray, a painter and their children Vincent and Julian. Their son Andrea is a lawyer in Perth; according to Bruno he is not married yet.
Bruno is just one of the thousands of Australian Catholics who volunteer their time and effort to make our parishes and our faith one of service and community. Remember to thank someone in your parish next Sunday.
If you have a champion Record seller in your parish, please let us know at The Record, preferably with a photo.