Lift-off winds up gifted evening

03 Dec 2008

By The Record

The achievements of exceptional students at Lumen Christi College in Gosnells were celebrated on November 13 at the college’s annual Talented and Gifted Student (TAGS) Evening.

It’s like this: Brayden Smith reports at the Lumen Christi evening on his work on the C3 gene.

































Over 250 people listened as TAGS coordinator, Mel Fiahlo, detailed the program undertaken this year by gifted and talented students, as identified by their teachers, in years eight, nine and ten.
Mr Fiahlo said that a significant part of the program was the research students undertook into reducing our carbon footprint and the catastrophic effects of global warming.
Students looked at the development of sustainable housing, the efficient use of renewable resources and the significance of mapping the human genome in the study of genetics.
Two year 10 students, Chris Walzcak and Brayden Smith, reported on their ongoing time spent at Western Australian universities as part of the program.
Chris is working at the University of Western Australia (UWA) on osteoporosis and Brayden is working on the C3 gene at Curtin University.
Other esteemed guests included Professor David Blair from UWA, founder of the Gravity Centre – an educational institute based in Gingin. The evening ended with aeronautics and some fun – the launching of rockets – outside the school library.