International Food Fair unites Armadale parishioners

04 Aug 2022

By Contributor

By Barbara Boggon and Margaret Nulty

Fr Mark Baumgarten stands with three youths
Armadale Parish youth with Parish Priest Fr Mark Baumgarten. Photo: Supplied/Armadale Parish.

Parishioners from Armadale St Francis Xavier Church recently came together to celebrate cultural diversity.

The celebration included an International Food fair with representation from including Africa, Asia, Europe, and Oceania.

More than 200 members of the parish purchased tickets; with food prepared and donated by members of the parish community.  

Parishioners prepare to serve Australian food. Photo: Supplied/Armadale Parish.

Parish Administration Officer Julie Bogoni recalled to The Record some highlights from the occasion.

“Our African parishioners showed their wonderous skills in preparing some very spicy rice dishes and some very interesting and enjoyable deserts.

“They decorated their areas with souvenirs from their countries and came dressed in the beautiful outfits we often enjoy seeing them in at our Sunday masses.   

International Lunch Armadale parishioners serve up food during the International Food Fair on Photo: Supplied/Armadale Parish.

“Not to be outdone, our Indian parishioners dressed up in their saris and their men looked so handsome in their kurtas.

“We lined up to watch and enjoy eating Dhosa’s being cooked fresh while we waited and of course a whole table full of Indian sweets which a sweet tooth is required to enjoy. 

Parishioners from India wore traditional clothes for the occasion. Photo: Supplied/Armadale Parish.

“Our Tongan parishioners managed to cook a whole pig and we were glad to have a photo as proof that this actually arrived as it was devoured in no time. 

“Samoa had their yam dishes and the Philippine ladies their samosas and sweets treats.  

“Another very popular stall was the Italian with lasagne cooked to perfection by two of our Italian daughters of migrants with Father Matteo cooking his Zucchini Parmigiana. 

The Armadale Parish International Food Fair included representation from including Africa, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. Photo: Supplied/Armadale Parish.

“Britain was represented with roast beef and trifles and their stall was decorated with the Union Jack prominent.  During the lunch music was being played with tunes recognisable as music from each of the countries. 

“This event was a wonderful community building affair and we are so grateful to our cooks for some really delicious food,” Mrs Bogoni said.