In pursuit of a common vision for youth

12 Mar 2008

By The Record

By Robert Hiini
“Why are there so many groups for the same thing?” is an oft-asked question in the Archdiocese of Perth. “Why are they all doing there own thing?” is another.
In the lead up to World Youth Day in July, many youth agencies and movements have come together as The Catholic Youth Network to find a common purpose and to develop ways that they can work together.
     The network’s membership includes the Perth World Youth Day Office, Young Christian Workers, a representative from Notre Dame’s Chaplaincy Team, Young Christian Students and Disciples of Jesus 24/7 Youth Ministry amongst many other organisations.
     One of their first orders of business is to ask the Catholics of Perth what their vision is for youth in the Archdiocese of Perth.
     Earlier this month an online forum discussion was convened on Catholic Youth Ministry’s website. The ongoing discussion focuses on two questions. The first of these is: ‘What is your vision for the Archdiocese of Perth over the next 5 years?’ The organisers advise that any Catholic in Perth is welcome to add their thoughts.
     Discussion participants are encouraged to be bold and yet realistic in their visioning, as reflected in the second forum question: ‘How do we strategically implement this?’
     The Catholic Youth Network hopes to examine the contributions that Catholics throughout Perth have made to the online discussion in April. They then plan to draft a youth vision document to be examined by Perth’s Bishops.
     Anyone wishing to participate in the online discussion can do so at