Happy 108th Birthday, Bid!

08 Dec 2022

By The Record

Bridget Grocke
Mrs Grocke was born 18 November 1914 to a family of seven children. Photo: Supplied.

Good health and a can of beer a day have helped Catholic Homes Bridget Grocke achieve her 108th birthday, making her a top Australian supercentenarian.

Known affectionately as Bid to her family and friends, Mrs Grocke was born 18 November 1914 to a family of seven children.

Bid and her siblings were raised mostly around Kalgoorlie but moved around WA due to her father’s job as a train driver.

Remarkably, her mother cared for her family with only one arm – doing all the cooking and cleaning single-handedly – after losing her right arm in an accident, Bid keenly pointed out.

When asked how she felt about turning 108, Bid cracks a smile and joked: “it feels much the same as 100!”

“I am just lucky I have good health,” she said.

“I have confidence that helps a lot, I’ll take anything on.”

Bid has seen many changes in Perth over the decades and she is astounded at the growth of the city.

Meeting her husband Jim at a social event in West Perth, the couple soon married due to his conscription into the armed forces during World War Two.

The couple had four children and Bid counts 12 grandchildren and several great-grand kids as her descendants.

While not an indulgent drinker, Bid enjoys a can of Emu Export beer a day — her favourite brew for many years.

Supported by Catholic Homes, Bid is proud to live independently in her own home; and for many years was an active member of a local exercise group. She has an eye to the future too, hoping to travel to country WA to take in the sights.

And her advice for a good life? Naturally, good food, some exercise and, of course, a can of Emu!