Greenwood Parish brings the Crucifixion to life during Easter 2021

20 May 2021

By Contributor

The cast of the Crucifixion recreation at All Saint Church, Greenwood Parish, on Good Friday 2021. Photo: Amanda D’Souza.

The Greenwood Parish community marked the Easter Triduum in spectacular fashion this year at All Saints Church.

Stations of the Cross re-enactment organiser Helen Medina did an extraordinary job pulling the dedicated cast together by transforming the church into bringing the Crucifixion to life.

Mrs Medina last year retired after 40 years of service in supporting parish liturgical practices and 10 years as a Field Officer for the Archdiocese of Perth’s Centre for Liturgy (CFL).

Greenwood Parish Priest Father Elver Delicano shared the following with his parish community:

“The Easter season lasts 50 days long, with the Feast of Pentecost, the coming of the Holy Spirit, marking its end. Ascension Thursday occurs 40 days after Easter Sunday. With Christ’s resurrection, comes the promise of lasting freedom, genuine peace and true live. Christ bathes and refreshes us in the river of glory. As God blesses us with joy in our rebirth of the Gospel, may be live ever more truly as people of the Good News, asking God to bless us and our families with the courage and faith to speak and spread the light and love of our God into the hearts of our fellow neighbours.”