Girrawheen celebrates Safeguarding excellence

28 Jun 2024

By The Record

Safeguarding Excellence Award Girrawheen Parish
Safeguarding Project Officer Thomas Law, with Girrawheen Parish Safeguarding Officers, Safeguarding Office Director, Barbara Blayney and Girrawheen Parish Priest, Fr Albert Saminedi. Photo: Supplied.

The Girrawheen Safeguarding Team was recently honoured with the prestigious SAAT 2023 Excellence Award.

This accolade recognises the exceptional collective safeguarding efforts of the parish.

Led by Parish Priest Fr Albert Saminedi, the Girrawheen Safeguarding Team have worked hard to achieve the excellent implementation of the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards in the community.

Presented at the conclusion of Mass, Sunday 16 June, Vicar General and Episcopal Vicar for Education, the Very Rev Fr Vincent Glynn highlighted the team’s vital role in ensuring Safeguarding during the ceremony.

The award sets a benchmark for other church communities, showcasing how a dedicated team can create a safe environment.

St Charles Seminary Rector, Fr Francis Nguyen, first from left with Vicar General, the Very Rev Fr Vincent Glynn, third from left, Girrawheen Parish Priest Fr Albert Saminedi, fourth from right, with Parish Safeguarding Officer and seminarians. Photo: Supplied.

Safeguarding Office Director Barbara Blayney said that not only did the parish complete the SAAT 2023.

“They have also been proactive in identifying gaps or areas for improvement through a comprehensive Standards Action Plan which they have built from the SAAT,” Ms Blayney said.

In closing the award ceremony, Fr Albert Saminedi emphasised the collective effort behind their success.

“This award is for everyone who has supported our mission. Safeguarding is a community effort,” Fr Sam said.

The Mass concluded with a safeguarding prayer and with a warm round of applause from the congregation.