For me, happy faces say it all: NFP

03 Sep 2008

By The Record

THE Billings Ovulation Method of natural family planning is well rooted in Humanae Vitae. The two go together beautifully. But how?

Marilena Scarfe

Pope Paul VI had insight into the human person.
He knew that if you take out of the ‘Marital equation’ real love that respect, faithfulness, commitment, truthfulness, a self-giving openness to new life and all the other qualities that are needed, the people everywhere would get themselves into a gigantic mess.
He was right. Looking around the world we can see so much heartache and sadness.
The Billings Method of natural family planning fosters all that Pope Paul VI said in Humanae Vitae
Being a Billings teacher for 25 years I have seen the beauty of this teaching come alive.
Many clients who had not heard of this beautiful teaching have already experienced hurt. But as they come to understand the beauty of a natural method of family planning they have become better people in themselves. They become more knowledgeable about their fertility and in turn communicate more with their spouses. Their marriages have started to flourish.
The happiness in their faces says it all. By using a natural method of family planning couples also realise where help is needed in their marital relationship. This in turn enlightens the couple that maybe they should seek marriage counselling or other help.
In other words, if the marital relationship is good a natural method of natural family planning like the Billings Ovulation method will enhance it, if a marital relationship is rocky it will bring it to the forefront and it gives the couple the opportunity to seek help.
– Marilena Scarfe