Debbie Warrier with Mario Borg: Adoration is what life is all about

25 Mar 2009

By The Record

My family and I belong to the Disciples of Jesus Covenant Community which encourages a spiritual life based on Charismatic praise and Adoration.

Mario Borg addresses a youth conference in Perth.

The use of music permits me to pray out loud the words of praise that exist in my heart. Through this I am able to enter into a time of deep worship of God. Speaking in tongues is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. This gift allows me to connect deeply with God in a way that is truly mysterious.
I am a lover of Adoration. Spending time daily in front of the Blessed Sacrament allows me to focus on Jesus. I want to commit my life to Him. Adoration is a reminder of what life is all about – following the call of Christ.
I pray regularly with my wife and children.  Praying with and for each other as a family is important. We use a variety of prayer with our children including spontaneous prayers of thanksgiving, blessing and intercession. Whenever possible we say a decade of the Rosary.
I have developed a deep appreciation for living within an environment of grace. I have felt called to draw deeply from the Sacraments, participate in the daily Eucharist, seek regular Reconciliation and pray the Divine Office (the Liturgy of the Hours). I am particularly drawn to Lauds, the Morning Prayer. Participating fully in the Disciples of Jesus’ way of life encourages me to live a life of prayer and mission.
My role within the Disciples of Jesus is one of pastoral ministry. Through this I have been privileged to witness God perform miracles in the lives of many people.
I also am blessed to spend time with young people who are so open to surrendering to God’s love. In return they desire to serve Him in amazing ways. They open their hearts to Him and He responds accordingly. Young people filled with the fire of God’s love are so inspiring to be around.
The biggest obstacle to my faith came when my youngest brother was diagnosed with a rare terminal disease. I was so angry with God.
I couldn’t understand why He would choose not to heal my brother and allow him to live. My brother’s death became a crisis of faith. Thankfully my pastoral carer within the Disciples of Jesus encouraged me to be honest with God and express my anger towards Him.
My friend knew God was big enough to deal with whatever it was I wanted to throw at Him.
I remember standing at my brother’s grave yelling, screaming and swearing at God. If anyone had been around I probably would have been locked up.
After my ranting and raving I heard an inner voice say, “How do you think I feel?” I truly believe this was the voice of God. 
It was then that I had an insight into what it must have been like for God to deliver his Son, Jesus to be sacrificed upon a cross. He did so to free us from the consequences of sin and to share in His heavenly glory where there is no pain or sadness. I finally understood the gift of salvation. Out of this time of crisis came a renewal of faith. It has led me to a life of serving God whenever and wherever I can.

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