Debbie Warrier: No longer alone, I thank and pray to God constantly

21 Jan 2009

By The Record

Kathy Ghouse: I do not have a set time to pray because I talk to the Lord all the time. I thank the Lord for what I am able to do. I enjoy doing what I can for Him. If there is something that I have to do and am not sure if I can, I call on God to help me.
I thank God for this beautiful gift of faith which He has given to me. It means the world to me. I know I am who I am today because of what the Lord has done for me.
My prayer is one of thanksgiving when I go to daily Mass. As I listen to every word the priest says about what the Lord has done for me, I can’t thank Him enough.
I constantly pray for my family, friends, world peace, the sick, the lost and the lonely. My faith has given me so much strength throughout my pain and suffering. I no longer feel alone because I know God is always with me.
He is my best friend.
In 1978 I attended a prayer and worship meeting. I was feeling tired and angry.
I also had numbness in my hand that hurt at night.
Two ladies from the group prayed over me and I felt this heat going through my hand. The next morning the pain in my hand was gone, along with the heaviness in my heart.
Around that time Peter and I also owned a restaurant. We took out a bank loan to get it started. I did most of the cooking. The business was a success.
Then I became sick and had to have two major operations. The doctor advised me to stop working. We sold the business and still had to pay the loan back. In the end we didn’t come out with much.
Peter started work as a Real Estate Agent. He wasn’t doing very well as Perth was in a recession. One day I opened the fridge wondering what we were going to have for our evening meal.
All we had was two slices of bread and some butter. My heart was so heavy and I cried. I went down on my knees and prayed to the Lord to help me feed my family.
Ten minutes later there was a knock at the door. I opened it and found a man who we used to buy all our vegetables from for our restaurant. He expressed concern that he had not seen us for four months.
I told him I had been ill and we had to sell the business.
He asked me if I wanted some vegetables and I humbly told him I had no money. He told me he didn’t want any money and went to his truck.
When he returned he had a big box filled with vegetables that he could not sell at the markets.
He had never been to our house before and I asked him how he knew where we lived.
He told me he didn’t know but somehow had found his way there.
I would not say that my life has been plain sailing. I still have had my fair share of pain and suffering. However, Jesus has always been there. He loves me and strengthens me.