HBF Run for a Reason 2024: A Record-Breaking Event with Catholic Youth Ministry

06 Jun 2024

By The Record

The event was more than just a run; it reflects the vibrant and active spirit of the city and its participants. Photo: Supplied/CYM.

The HBF Run for a Reason, held on May 19, 2024, in Perth, attracted over 33,000 participants, marking another successful year for this annual fitness event bringing the wider Perth community together to support various charitable causes through running, walking, and wheeling along different courses, including 21km, 12km, and 4km distances.

This year, among the diverse groups and individuals participating, a team from Catholic Youth Ministry in conjunction with Caritas Australia saw 16 enthusiastic entrants who ran and walked their way to the finish line.  

Caritas Australia’s involvement included raising funds for their “Caritas Ks” campaign, which aims to support vulnerable communities around the world. The Catholic Youth Ministry team, contributed to the fundraising efforts, showcasing the generosity and community spirit that underpin the HBF Run for a Reason cause.

The event was more than just a run; it reflects the vibrant and active spirit of the city and its participants. Their collective effort not only highlighted their physical capabilities but also their commitment to making a positive impact through charitable activities.

Overall, the HBF Run for a Reason 2024 was a great event to be involved in, providing an excellent platform for participants to support worthy causes while promoting health and fitness. The enthusiastic participation of teams like the Catholic Youth Ministry and the support from organizations like Caritas Australia underscore the event’s enduring success and its vital role in the community.

Adam Phillips, Director of Catholic Youth Ministry said that although the 16 participants formed one group out of many, it shows their willingness to push through any barriers while supporting a good cause.

“Young people have plenty of energy and this event demonstrates that they have what it takes.”

The finish line at Gloucester Park saw all finishers receiving a medal and a complimentary crispy creme to add a sweet touch to their achievements.