Claremont gets Created and Redeemed

13 Aug 2008

By The Record

By Steve Gorddard
Taking the World Youth Day experience deeper, an exciting workshop series offers young (and not so young), an opportunity to plumb the depths of their faith for the real Truth.

Christopher West addresses 3000 young people at World Youth Day. He will appear again in video form at St Thomas the Apostle parish in Claremont. Photo: Anthony Barich

Some pilgrims were lucky enough to see the dynamic Christopher West in Sydney. Others regretted missing out and more still wished they could have been part of the WYD08. All will have another chance to hear his convincing message as a new seminar series begins.
Beginning August 29 at 7.15pm at St Thomas’ parish hall in Claremont, Created and Redeemed is a DVD workshop series by West that takes participants through the inspiring teaching of the Theology of the Body over eight Friday nights.
Already with plenty of interest in the event, I’ve heard many testimonies about how this teaching has changed lives and deepened people’s faith, including my own.
When I first heard this teaching, there was something that resonated and stirred in me as I recognised the deep truth about God’s design. It inspired and convinced me a lot on the nature of love and our calling to love as God loves, which I believe is so critical to every Christian’s mission… there was a feeling of much excitement and joy.
I believe that part of the “missioning” of young people after WYD is for them to discover their identity and mission according to God’s original “blueprint” in creation. We’re talking about the most important questions you can ask about what it means for you to be a man or a woman.
The course gives a greater knowledge of Christ’s plan for marriage and sex, a greatly misunderstood aspect of what the Church teaches. With his trademark genuine conviction and charisma, West tackles the hard questions head on with answers that will astonish and inspire.
And with a fully catered event, kicking back with a cappuccino or vanilla latte to an entertaining and inspiring presentation doesn’t sound so bad.
Oh, and did someone mention pizza? It could never be the same as WYD08, but with the absent crushes of people and no lining up in the winter cold for half an hour before… that just may not be a bad thing.
For more info, contact Stephen: 0431 228 630 or emai