Children as valuable community members, recognised in new campaign

17 Mar 2022

By The Record

VCI Launch
The Valuing Children Initiative launched a campaign on 10 March, named ‘Every Child is Valuable’, has been designed to bring awareness to the horrifying statistics around children’s wellbeing in Australia. (Left to right) Centrecare General Manager Leanne Strommen, VCI Founder and Centrecare CEO Tony Pietropiccolo AM, VCI Development Executive Maddie McLeod, Centrecare Chief Corporate Services Cherie Broers, VCI Communications & Promotion Officer Amy Green. Photo: Supplied.

The Valuing Children Initiative (VCI) has launched a national call to action to ensure every Australian child is valued, prioritised, and heard.

The new campaign titled ‘Every Child is Valuable’, has been designed to bring awareness to the horrifying statistics around children’s wellbeing in Australia.

“All 4.7 million of Australia’s children are valuable and deserve the best start to life,” VCI Development Executive Maddie McLeod said.

“Unfortunately, far too many children are falling through the cracks, but there are solutions, and we can do better.”

“It’s time to get really serious about working towards the betterment of children’s wellbeing and that starts with changing the current behaviours and attitudes that society has towards children and young people.”

The campaign promotes children as important, contributing members of society. It also highlights the need for greater consideration to be given to children at a political level. Australians can pledge their support by signing a VCI led petition advocating for the introduction of mandatory Child Impact Assessments. VCI has also drafted an email that supporters can send politicians calling for a Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy and Minister for Children’s Interests in every Australian state, territory and federally.

The campaign, which was released to the public 10 March, is funded by Centrecare Inc and supported by industry leaders WACOSS and The Children’s Collective. WACOSS CEO Louise Giolitto emphasised the importance of the campaign.

“Children and young people are at the heart of community life and represent our dreams for a brighter future,” Ms Giolitto said.

“We need to ensure that every child and young person has what they need to grow and thrive.

“WACOSS strongly supports the Valuing Children Initiative and are keen to continue working together towards a Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy for WA that ensures we recognise that Every Child is Valuable,” she added.

VCI Founder Adjunct Professor, Tony Pietropiccolo AM said improved child wellbeing can only be achieved when individuals, businesses and the government have children at the forefront of their minds in all aspects of decision-making.

“Government policies directly affect children and young people, and it is essential that their voices and needs are represented at all levels of government,” Mr Pietropiccolo said.

“Children’s interests are broader than child protection and education; around 774,000 children live in poverty in Australia, and we know that growing up in poverty negatively impacts kids.

“This is just one of the many issues that will only be addressed when governments and government policies genuinely value our children.”

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