Chic clergy couture for WYD08

18 Mar 2008

By The Record

World Youth Day 2008 (WYD08) will provide specially designed vestments for the world’s Cardinals, Bishops, priests and deacons to wear during the week-long event in July.


Fr Michael de Stoop, assistant priest of St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney and Vocations Expo pastoral content coordinator for WYD08, models the new vestments for WYD08. Photo: Catholic Weekly

























The 700 specially designed chasubles – the outer garment that covers
the celebrant from the neck down – will be produced for Cardinals and
Bishops celebrating the Opening Mass and the Final Mass.
Around 3000 stoles – the strip of cloth worn around the neck that hangs
down past the waist – are being produced for priests and deacons to use
throughout the WYD08 week.
“The vestments are an earthy red colour to reflect Australia’s unique
landscape,” said Fr Peter Williams, WYD08 Director of Liturgy.
“They feature the Southern Cross on the front, signifying Australia as the Great Southern Land of the Holy Spirit.
“This is reinforced by the indigenous image on the back of the chasuble – Marjorie’s Bird – also representing the Holy Spirit.”
Fr Williams said it was the first time His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI
will visit Australia and the first time that a World Youth Day will be
held here.
“We want to ensure we reflect our unique landscape, history and
cultural influences when the international spotlight is on Sydney for
this great event.”
Marjorie’s Bird was created by indigenous artist Marjorie Liddy from the Tiwi Islands in Northern Territory.
Both sets of vestments were designed by Melbourne firm Stuart Pettigrew Design and Sr Rosemary Crumlin RSM.
The vestments are currently being produced in Bergamo, northern Italy
by Solivari, a company specialising in liturgical vestments.