Alcohol restrictions probed

26 Mar 2008

By The Record

The University of Notre Dame Australia’s Broome Campus Centre for Indigenous Studies has begun researching the impact of alcohol restrictions currently in place in Fitzroy Crossing.

The research, conducted on behalf of the Western Australian Drug and
Alcohol Office, is the first undertaken by the Centre since it was
established late last year and involves a two year evaluation of
alcohol and drug prevention programs in Fitzroy Crossing.
Director of the Centre for Indigenous Studies, Associate Professor Lyn
Henderson-Yates said the first phase of the research was focussed on
evaluating the impact of the current liquor restrictions on the sale of
take away packaged liquor exceeding 2.7 per cent in Fitzroy Crossing.
“This part of the project involved speaking with and collecting the
views of as many people, businesses and organisations in Fitzroy
Crossing, Derby, Broome and Halls Creek as possible during the
collection phase,” Assoc. Professor Henderson-Yates said.
“The stories of the people, gathered alongside statistical information
provided by the WA Alcohol and Drug Office, will provide the basis for
the final report, which will be provided to the Director of Liquor
Licensing for his consideration and decision regarding liquor
restrictions in Fitzroy Crossing.”
Assoc. Professor Henderson-Yates said it was exciting to have the
Centre for Indigenous Studies established on the Broome Campus.
“Hopefully we can create new partnerships through our work and in doing
so help to initiate positive outcomes for Indigenous people,” she said.