Working towards an Individualised Living Option for Maeve

16 Dec 2021

By Contributor

Heather, mother of 22-year-old Identitywa recipient Maeve, is grateful for the support of the Identitywa Individualised Living Option (ILO) team who have helped her family plan to support Maeve and her ongoing needs when she moves into her own home. Photo: Supplied.

The decision to buy a property behind the family home, which would eventually be home for their 22-year-old daughter, was made six years ago by Maeve’s parents, Brian and Heather.

The timing of this life-changing decision was around the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). They are currently working with Identitywa’s Individualised Living Option (ILO) team to plan to support Maeve and her ongoing needs when she moves into her own home.

“It’s about having a place to call her own, having opportunities for growth and development, connecting with the wider community. This is what ILO looks like for Maeve and our family,” said Maeve’s mother, Heather.

The family initially connected with Identitywa’s support services when Maeve took regular short breaks at one of Identitywa’s short-term accommodation houses for children.

We first met Identitywa’s Planning Officer, Kristina, at that time, and she has been amazingly supportive over the years,” explained Heather.

“She has continued to keep in touch, encouraging and supporting us along the way, which we are extremely grateful for.

“Looking into Maeve’s future, the idea of pursuing an ILO plan for her was ultimately the best fit for our whole family.

“There’s only the four of us (Maeve has a brother, Chris), and I want to keep a close family relationship with Maeve and see her every day or every other day,” added Heather.

“Having Maeve so near to us means she can enjoy still having access to the dogs, the pool, the garden, and the chickens. We believe it will widen her scope of experience, which is important to her quality of life and, ultimately, our family’s.”

Heather and Brian have been renovating the new house and gently introducing Maeve to what will be her home.

“Each time we go to the house, we take along a ‘present’. It may be a mug, a cushion, or some other household item. Soon the gate between the two houses will go in, which is very exciting,” said Heather.

Pictured is Sonja (left) who is part of the Identitywa Individualised Living Option (ILO) team. They have supported families like Maeve, to live independently, while having opportunities for growth, development, and connect with the wider community. Photo: Supplied.

Rebecca and Sonya from Identitywa’s ILO Program have supported Heather and Brian in the next steps in their NDIS journey.

“They have been extremely supportive, and I could not manage at all without their help,” says Heather.

The family is currently waiting for their NDIS funding application to be approved.

“We are really looking forward to everything finalising so we can all begin the next stage of our lives.”