Renewed call for BJ Hickey Scholarship applications an opportunity to deepen knowledge of Scripture

13 Oct 2021

By Dr Marco Ceccarelli

The Centre for Faith Enrichment (CFE) this week renewed its call for applications for scholarships from the BJ Hickey Biblical Foundation for the year 2022.

Offered to lay people residing in the Archdiocese of Perth, the scholarships are intended to help those wanting to further their biblical studies of any length at any level, locally or overseas.

Applicants need not be academics or have an academic background – they do need to have a passion to know and further their understanding of the Scriptures and to help others with that knowledge.

CFE Director Dr Marco Ceccarelli said that the scholarship continues to give lay people extraordinary opportunities to delve into the richness of the Bible here in Perth, interstate and overseas.

“BJ Hickey Scholarship applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their applications by Friday, 19 November 2021. We have a brand-new website with a new scholarships page which has made the application process user friendly and where people can read about how others have benefited from the scholarship in past years”

“We have noticed that the pandemic has not dampened people’s enthusiasm to study Scripture and to engage with the richness of the Catholic tradition. While interstate and overseas travel is still restricted, there are multiple online courses out there, not to mention the captivating Scripture courses offered at learning centres such as The University of Notre Dame or the Acts 2 College of Mission and Evangelisation”

The BJ Hickey Biblical Foundation is managed by the Centre for Faith Enrichment and has the twofold mission of publishing daily Gospel reflections offering scholarships for biblical studies through the B.J. Hickey Biblical Foundation

The foundation was set up by Emeritus Archbishop Barry James Hickey, who continues to play a central and fundamental role in the committee. Emeritus Archbishop Hickey began the Biblical Foundation with the sole intention of offering lay people an opportunity to undertake Biblical studies either locally or overseas.

For those wanting to apply for the 2022 Scholarship, the Centre for Faith Enrichment’s ‘Biblical Foundation Page’ offers both the scholarship application details and the scholarship application form.

To find out more please visit

Applications for a 2022 Scholarship will need to be submitted by 5.00pm on Friday, 19 November 2021.

Alternatively, please email The Centre for Faith Enrichment on or call on 08 9278 0261 (please note new number)