Agency jumps into the web

19 Nov 2008

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Catholic Outreach, which quietly carries out remarkable work, has now entered cyberspace.










Catholic Outreach have done as their name suggests, reaching out into cyberspace with the launch of their new interactive website.
The site was launched on October 30 in an event attended by 45 people including Bishop Donald Sproxton, the organisation’s chairman, Brian Parry and Patima Tantiprasut, the Project Officer of Bam Creative who put the site together.
The website, made possible by a Lotterieswest grant, will improve communication between the agency and parishes as well as raising awareness about its role in coordinating parish care programs.
In his opening remarks the agency’s director, Peter McMinn jokingly acknowledged that “like the birth of an elephant or an American election, it has had a very long gestation period,” and was first considered in 2006.
Mr McMinn said that he wanted a website that was both professional and user-friendly “and I think we have achieved that.” The new website can be viewed at


On the web: Catholic Outreach director Peter McMinn, the organisation’s website designer Patima Tantiprasut and Outreach Chairman Brian Parry at the website’s launch. Above, a snapshot of what web surfers see.