AFA urges pro-family housing measures

29 Oct 2008

By therecord

By Anthony Barich

The Australian Family Association has called upon State and federal governments to develop family-friendly policies for the provision and ownership of housing in the current uncertain economic climate.

Conference speakers included Allan Carlson, Rev. Dr Adam Cooper, Prof. Lynn Wardle, Mary-Louise Fowler, John Barich and David Perrin. The AFA’s national conference helped the organisation, a leading pro-family lobby, focus its efforts for the coming 12 months.

The AFA adopted 10 new policiecs to be espoused nation-wide at its national conference at the Tradewinds Hotel in Fremantle on October 18, with the 11 motions involving housing among the most popular.
Suggestions for family-friendly gorvernment policy included:
– co-ownership/shared equity between government and home buyer,
– Land Corp or equivalent providing land at cost to bone fide home owner/occupiers,
– Super funds partially available as eligible savings for home buyers,
– Review of Residential Tenancies Act to encourage supply of private rental stock,
– Review and minimise government taxes and charges,
– Strongly encourage domestic savings,
– Support the retention of negative gearing,
– Encourage industry innovation to support realistic aspirations for home buyers,
– That government apply consistent policies that promote a long-term view of home ownership,
– Support government initiatives that promote energy-efficient housing to reduce costs,
– That government support the provision of infrastructure, following decentralist policies, in urban development.
The conference also called on all members to meet their State and federal politicians to introduce and promote marriage by discussing the 2007 Marriage Manifesto document and its importance.
The Marriage Manifesto is a 36-page document produced by the National Marriage Coalition to educate and encourage politicians to promote and defend marriage and thereby stop civilisation declining any further. It includes “21 reasons why marriage matters”, which was part of the campaign to push for the Federal Marriage Act 2004.
The over 1000 people who showed up at barely three weeks notice at the Great Hall in Canberra’s Parliament House to support such legislation prompted the federal Labor Party to back it.
The National Marriage Coalition is a large alliance of community and faith-based groups.
The AFA also handed out awards on October 19 to representatives of couples who have been married for 50 years or more, including the mother and father of the extended Neesham family and to the AFA’s deceased national patron’s widow Betty Beazley.