About The Record

09 Jan 2009

By The Record

The Record is Australia’s oldest weekly newspaper, established in 1874. It reports on news of the parish, the nation and the world with a special focus on the life of the Catholic Church in Western Australia. It is available from Catholic churches in Western Australia or by subscription. It also goes to WA university chaplaincies, St John of God Hospital in Murdoch, and to the staff rooms of Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Perth.

Our mission is to provide news, features and perspectives from and for the Catholic community of Western Australia. Our coverage seeks to reflect the needs and interests of the Church – local, national and international – in a complete and authentic manner, reflecting always the gospel of truth and hope, and the voice of Christ in his universal Church.

The Record also seeks to promote awareness and understanding of vocation – God’s particular call to each of us to live and become what we were created to be. There are many such vocations – marriage and family life, priesthood, religious life or being singlewith the first and universal vocation being to holiness, as described by the Fathers of the Church in Lumen Gentium.

The Record occasionally brings out special editions focusing on themes of interest and importance to our readers and the community. Past special editions have focused the death and election of popes, canonisation, vocations, major news events and corporate works of mercy.