A second spire for a cathedral in progress

27 Nov 2008

By The Record

Progress: The second spire on St Mary’s is in place as a workman prepare to position the crucifix. The white verticals at the bottom of the picture below the spire are the outer supports of the new section that will be the centre of the cathedral. Photo: Fr Robert Cross


Nearly 80 years since its last structural addition, St Mary’s Cathedral received a second spire last week.
The second of the spires at the western end of the cathedral was
lowered on to the building’s frontage on Wednesday, November 19, as
part of the work of the cathedral completion begun last year.
The first spire was added to the original 1865 cathedral in 1905 under the direction of Bishop Gibney.
The St Mary’s Cathedral Appeal, which is funding the project, is still
underway with another 1.2 millon dollars to be raised before organisers
reach their 25 million dollar target.
These pictures were kindly provided by Emco Building Director, Don Cousens, whose company is undertaking the work.
The Bottom right and Page 1 photos were provided by Father Robert
Cross, who has carried out archaeological excavations and studies of
the site.