$7.5 million for St Pat’s Fremantle to boost social housing

09 Feb 2024

By Contributor

St Pat’s Community Support Centre CEO Michael Piu, far right, with Housing and Homelessness Minister John Carey, left and Fremantle MLA Simone McGurk, centre. St Pat’s has last month been boosted with 7.5 million with the aim of building 28 newly built social housing dwellings. Photo: Facebook/John Carey.

St Pat’s Community Support Centre has last month been boosted with 7.5 million with the aim of building 28 newly built social housing dwellings.

The State Government funding to the long-serving homelessness support service is part of a $12 million St Pat’s project that will include the demolition of the site’s existing, ageing and no longer fit-for-purpose accommodation units.

St Pat’s is a not-for-profit organisation that has been providing community housing and specialist support services for people facing homelessness in the south metropolitan region of Perth for more than 50 years.

The 28 new social housing dwellings will provide long-term accommodation for people who are experiencing homelessness, aligning with the State Government’s Homelessness strategy and Housing First Approach.

St Pat’s Fremantle chief executive officer Michael Piu said the new homes will have access to on-site services

“Allowing us to provide wrap-around support to assist some of the most vulnerable people in our community to maintain their accommodation, reconnect with community and thrive.

“I want to acknowledge the State Government for this $7.5 million grant which will allow us to offer fit for purpose, long-term housing options particularly for people who have experienced chronic homelessness,” Mr Piu said.

Housing and Homelessness Minister John Carey said the Cook Government is deeply proud to support St Pat’s Fremantle, who are one of the longest-serving community service providers, playing an integral role in assisting people who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness.

“Our Government is investing a record $2.6 billion in social housing and homelessness measures in WA, including delivering around 4,000 social dwellings, and refurbishments and maintenance work to many thousands more,” Mr Carey said.

“Since our record $2.6 billion investment in social housing and homelessness measures, our Government has added more than 1,800 social homes with a further 1,000 social homes under contract or construction,” he said.

As part of the Cook Government’s Call for Submissions for Social Housing, a procurement reform introduced by Minister John Carey, St Pat’s approached the Department of Communities seeking to turn their existing accommodation into social housing.

The State Government, through the Department of Communities opened a call for submissions from registered community housing providers to help increase the supply and diversity of social housing across WA.

The ‘Call for Submissions from Community Housing Providers’ provides a framework for the State Government to work with registered community housing providers to refurbish or deliver new housing options managed by the sector for vulnerable people, including through grant funding, land leases, land contributions and other innovative models.

Development Approval has been granted for the proposed project, with St Pat’s planning to engage a builder mid-2024.

Registered CHPs with innovative housing proposals are invited to visit the Department of Communities website or email Communities at CFS-CHP@communities.wa.gov.au for more detailed information.