Mully – Orphaned tycoon, to father of the world’s biggest family

18 Feb 2021

By Contributor

Twenty-nine years ago, Charles Mully left his comfortable life of success and wealth to answer God’s call to serve those in need. The result is The Mully Children’s Family, a Kenya based non-profit organization for kids in need, created to rescue orphans living in the slums.

From Award-winning actor/director Scott Haze and Academy Awardwinning executive producer James Moll comes the dramatic story of the life of Doctor Charles M Mully.

After touching the hearts of North American audiences and winning multiple awards at film festivals across America, the team behind this remarkable story is making the film available for free all around the world from Valentine’s Day, Sunday 14 February 2021 onwards. Mully, originally in English, will also be available dubbed in Spanish and German as well as subtitled in 15 other languages.

What happens when a six-year-old boy is abandoned by his family and left to raise himself on the streets? Mully isn’t your ordinary rags-to-riches tale; it’s the true story of Charles Mully, whose unlikely stratospheric rise to wealth and power leaves him questioning his existence, searching for meaning in life. Against the better judgment of his family and community, Mully sets out to enrich the fate of orphaned children across Kenya. Jeopardising his life and the security of his family, he risks everything and sets in motion an astonishing series of events that changed not only his life forever, but also thousands of children and the larger community.

Dr Mully and his wife (pictured left) have raised over 18,000 children for over 30 years. Mully the movie is now available for free streaming. Photo: Supplied.

“The love shown by audiences in the US is testimony to the value placed by many not only to hard work, but sacrifice, service and humility in caring for those who need it most in our society. The power of transformation through inspiring hope and empowerment of the marginalised is achieved when we put our hearts and efforts together,” Dr Mully said.

“As the whole world undergoes countless turmoil, pain and heartache, Mullymovie challenges us to show a little more love and care; to be more humane without discrimination as all human beings deserve equal respect, and a second chance as that which Christ has given us.”

“2020 was a year of heartache, pain and overwhelming uncertainty for so many. Mullyis the kind of film that lifts people up, providing hope and the notion that anything is truly possible” added writer/director Scott Haze.

“By sharing this film with the world for free, we hope Mully’s story will resonate with an even wider audience and inspire a new generation of changemakers for the greater good.”

In addition to rescuing over 18,000 children for more than 30 years, Mully Children’s Family (MCF) is now the largest children’s rehabilitation organisation in Africa. Orphans not only receive food, clothing, and shelter in a loving, family environment, they are educated from kindergarten through high school with many receiving scholarships to university with exceptional grades. Countless children have gone on to become doctors, engineers, scientists, teachers, lawyers and entrepreneurs in Kenya and beyond.

In 1989, when Mully initially moved to an arid property in Ndalani, Kenya in order to house his growing family, they miraculously found water deep underground and today it’s a completely self-sustaining 503-acre farm with its own micro-climate, man-made dams, with a realised goal of planting at least a million trees per year on their land or in the wider community. The farmland as well as other entrepreneurial initiatives creates a valuable revenue stream for the entire MCF organisation supplying domestic and international markets.

Since the release of Mully the movie, there has been an increment in the number of guests and volunteers causing positive change in their individual lives and resulting in action from individuals, churches, schools and other communities as they are motivated to make a positive difference with social issues affecting their communities. Photo: Supplied.

Since Mullymovie was made and released in the US, the organisation has received a significant increase in donations for various projects including the establishment of an entirely new center in Malindi to cater for young girls, a water purification plant and a poultry project for improved sustainability. MCF has welcomed a surge of new volunteers travelling to Kenya as well as requests from around the globe for those wishing to learn more about “The Mully Model” in their home countries, many seeking to be trained on best practices in agriculture, entrepreneurship, sustainability, child rescue and rehabilitation, among others.

Charles Mully’s altruistic and entrepreneurial spirit has driven MCF to become an integral hub of philanthropic and environmental innovation in Kenya influencing thought leaders around the globe.

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