BOOK REVIEW: Into the Cloud of Knowing

13 May 2021

By Amanda Murthy
Into the Cloud of Knowing Book Trailer. Video: Supplied

We live in a world filled with constant noise, suffering, pollution of mind, body and soul, with many doubting the existence of God, especially when things go wrong.

Renato Bonasera’s latest gift Into the Cloud of Knowing, interrupts these misconceptions with the reassurance that – God is real, He never leaves us and, He even equips us for the battles.

From the preface of the book, readers will quickly learn that Bonasera, was inspired by a painful experience of his own. The passing of his mother in 2013, a Sicilian immigrant, gave him a new appreciation for the gift of life. Being a father of five children, seems of have cemented that view.

The book begins with a powerful scriptural message from the book of Roman’s, “Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good” (Romans 12:21) accompanied with visual impact.

An in-depth look into the mind of a young Bonasera who, from the ages of 12 to 16, simply could not comprehend why suffering affected the innocent, often posing thoughts like “How can a God who claims to be so loving, allow for “evil, demonic or otherwise to hang around,” “Why was being good so hard?” or “Why do children die of cancer?.”

Just as these reflections begin to digest, what comes next is a gut-wrenching account of toddler Peter Crea’s one-and-a-half-year battle with acute myeloblastic leukemia, from the perspective of his grieving mother.

A poignant statement, with tears in her eyes, inspires Melina Crea, who at this time had lost her four-year-old toddler just weeks before, admitted that, while Peter brought the family so much love and joy, it was in his suffering and death that she learnt life’s greatest lessons.

Similar revelations follow through the rest of the book.

Bonasera’s abilities to transport the reader to the time and place, whether in his life or the situations which even he may not have been present physically, is enduring.

Set in various locations including our own backyard of Western Australia, to the jungles of Rwanda, to refugee camps – paired with reflections of hope and Scriptural reflections.

This ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ concept book, (Catholic style), provides an insight to the mystery of suffering as a disciple of Christ, and rising from the dead, just as Christ did.

Readers who are expecting a life-changing result from this read, may be disappointed. Perhaps, a new-found peace and strength, and inspiration to ‘be more for Christ, our creator’ – is what readers will gain, if they allow it.

The promotion of the book includes several video trailers and a reflective album, sung by Bonasera, all of which are linked below.